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Share your projects at Barnes & Noble Mini-Maker Faire

Hello 100kGarages Users:

Great news! MakerMedia (the folks behind Maker Faires and the Maker movement, which ShopBot Tools has supported from the beginning) has teamed up with the 600+ Barnes & Noble stores around the country to host mini Maker Faires on November 6-8. It's a chance for designers and fabbers to bring cool things they've created and talk to people for a couple of hours about what they do.

The stores will supply a table, chairs, and people to talk to. Designers, bring your favorite projects! Fabbers, please do the same. Note: it's not the kind of event where you can run tools, but if you happen to own a small 3D printer or a Handibot® Smart Tool and want to bring it along, how neat would it be to have it as part of your display? Just to be clear, we're NOT trying to turn you into tool salespeople! This is all about sharing and showing your work with people who may never have imagined the cool things you can do with digital fabrication.

The only bad news is that time is short. They stop taking applications this Friday, Oct 2nd! So if you're interested in strutting your stuff you'll need to get going. We really want this to be a success and think it will be lots of fun, so to encourage everyone to get involved we're offering a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to any 100kGarages user who is accepted and participates (just show us some proof that you were accepted to be a participant).

You can find out more at

Sign up by THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 at:

Best wishes,

Your friends at 100kGarages

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