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A question about the production of a part.

Posted by Alexander Afeldt 
Good day everyone. I am looking for people who can make parts on the machine, but the site turned out to be unintuitive for me. I still don't understand how to leave a production request.
You need to make a test piece from wood (walnut, birch, maple)
I do not know how much it will cost, so I cannot name the price for which I want to purchase it. I do not know how quickly this can be made, so I can not indicate the date when I need it. I live in Germany and do not know if anyone is available in this country.

Need milling a part with a size of 224x224x5
and I can not upload the image to the site, it says that the file does not match.
Can they tell me how much it will cost?
Try to send me a step file
Hello,my friend.I am a manufacturing supplier,I have CNC milling and CNC turning.My email is seleadcnc@gmail.com . whatsapp´╝Ü+8613662647046.if you have any parts need to manufacturing.You can contact me any time
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