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"Fatal Error" on Bid Subissions

Posted by Torqued Logic 
"Fatal Error" on Bid Subissions
March 04, 2016 06:22PM
Hello 100kGarages community,
Is anybody else getting "fatal error" messages after submitting bids for items on the Project Board?
I should have taken a screenshot and posted, but it just started for me in the past 2 days.

Wondering if it's just me or if there's a glitch somewhere with the website.

Thx for the input!

I'm getting a fatal error too. I tried to send a message through the contact form and also got a fatal error
Re: "Fatal Error" on Bid Subissions
April 24, 2016 07:17AM
I too am getting the fatal error... Does that mean our bid submittals are not being received?
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