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Turning Thoughts into Things

This is a forum for makers, fabbers, and designers to communicate about the process of turning thoughts into things. Let's talk about that here to get the ball rolling, or go ahead and post your project if you're ready. 
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A question about the production of a part.

by Alexander Afeldt
1,166308/21/2021 01:09PM

Manufacturing process that fits right in with garage scale manufacturing

by Anthony Douglas
4,312112/01/2019 12:52PM
Last Post by Anthony Douglas

Is anyone here?????

by Columbia Gorge Stoneworks, Inc.
5,498907/03/2018 07:11AM

Wheatboard and Lasers

by Eric Hunting
4,012105/11/2017 11:01AM
Last Post by Eric Hunting

Install a BMW Roundel Emblem

by David Summerbell
4,342105/29/2016 03:22PM
Last Post by David Summerbell

"Fatal Error" on Bid Subissions

by Torqued Logic
5,302304/24/2016 07:17AM
Last Post by Thomas Ayres

Getting a project made Attachments

by Gregory Cropp
5,477309/14/2015 11:01PM
Last Post by Michael Bingham

Wood storage solution - need help

by Monroe Blvd LLC
4,343107/21/2015 04:39PM
Last Post by Monroe Blvd LLC

Where are all the designs?

by Moore Brothers Company
6,701505/05/2015 10:06PM
Last Post by Promiseland Enterprises

Survey Participation request from CMA - online now

by 100kGarages Administrator
4,747102/27/2015 08:48AM
Last Post by 100kGarages Administrator

Good News on our website (mmofifa)

by amanle game
4,981102/03/2015 03:19AM
Last Post by amanle game

AEC FabLab Co-Working Space

by Allen Winston
4,945110/30/2014 09:21PM
Last Post by Allen Winston

Looking for furniture production facility

by Cheme Designs
7,173308/17/2014 03:33PM
Last Post by Black Watch Systems, LLC

Turning pictures into things...

by Railroad Kits
6,448308/17/2014 03:30PM
Last Post by Black Watch Systems, LLC

Small-scale machining

by Tim Morales
12,372404/13/2014 11:20PM
Last Post by Tulgon Koh

Makers centre/techshop/hackerspace in Toronto/GTA

by Jay Marm
6,274203/26/2014 05:47PM
Last Post by FabriForm Design

I want to make a modified beverage cooler

by Robert Perlman
5,767111/11/2013 02:46AM
Last Post by Robert Perlman

wood soles for clogs

by Every Clog Has Its Day
8,575207/12/2013 08:06AM
Last Post by Richard Baynes