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Wheatboard and Lasers

Posted by Eric Hunting 
Wheatboard and Lasers
May 11, 2017 11:01AM
Looking for advice concerning the use of wheatboard-like materials (ECOboard, Kirai, strawboard, etc.) with large format CO2 laser cutting. The reps at the companies selling these various products seem quite ignorant about their properties and I cannot get any straight answers. Anyone on this forum have practical experience with these materials? I've seen examples of laser etching on them, but not cutting, though they claim properties common to MDF which can be laser cut. Now that the large format lasers have dropped in price recently in the US to about the same as the CNC routers, I have been weighing their relative virtues. Dealing with environmental illness, I'm interested in the lasers as a way to work with a very large diversity of materials while minimizing workshop noise, dust, and being better able to exhaust pollutants. But I'm very interested in the sustainability of these agro-waste alternatives to MDF, even if they aren't yet as readily available in the US.
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