Where are all the designs?
November 05, 2014 08:35AM
Where are all the project wizard designs hidden?

I am a newly set up faber and I am looking for projects to run on my new machine. As I look around the web I keep finding references to a library of designs on 100k garages but when I click on the link I get bounced to the main page. Once there I can't find the materials I was looking for. Have things changed? Whats the deal?

Specifically reading the boatbuilding page on the shopbot page it references all kinds of really cool resources on 100kgarages but I can't find them. Am I just not looking in the right place or have they been removed?
I am brand new to 100k. I am introducing a series of clocks that I've designed that can be fabricated using the pre-manufactured rounds available at Lowes in 15-inch, 18-inch and larger sizes, or, of course, just prepare your own 1-inch thick stock and machine these from scratch. If you are new to fabrication, and would like some simple projects that are marketable to get you started, then these clocks might be just the kind of thing you are looking for. I just posted two of them on my Promiseland Enterprises site, an eagle clock and a hummingbird clock. The hummingbird clock I had machined by a neighbor who owns a Shopbot, and then hand-painted it to propose one option for finishing the clocks, and it's "okay", but I think I would prefer to just use stains in the future, and simply let the texture of the images suffice to reveal the clock design rather than taking the time to bring them out with paints. Anyway, I'm adding more clock designs today, and if there is a custom idea you have in mind I can help you with, just let me know. The clock movements are available online from a number of sources, and Hobby Lobby has some as well. I've also designed the recess in the backs of the clocks to receive the "movement mechanisms", which appear to be pretty much standard as to size.
I'm in the process of building a website where I will be displaying everything I've designed for CNC machining thus far. Right now, that consists of fourteen 15-inch diameter clock projects. The link to this website (currently under construction, but still view-able), is www.jingraham1.wix.com/promiseland-designs, and there you will find the projects, each of which can be viewed individually, and you can also click on each one to enlarge any one of the images. In addition to what you see there now, I will be separating some of the main components of the project clocks into downloadable clip art that can be easily incorporated into a project of your own. For instance, I think it would be really cool to size up the eagle head, and machine it onto the head board or foot board of a bed, or the same for the bear, or fabricate an entrance door to market to log cabin owners, and have one of these designs carved right into the face of it with your CNC as a striking focal point. To complete the website, I am in the process of linking it to a site supported by Word Press called, "Easy Digital Downloads", where you will be able to purchase 1-time downloads for any of these projects as well as the individualized components as clip art. Once up and running, the project designs and clip art will be available for purchase on Easy Digital Downloads via Paypal, or, of course, you can prepay with a check. Hopefully, within a week, this will all be ready and up and running. However, even before that, if you like to confer with me concerning custom clip art or designing a complete project for you, email me at jingraham1@excite.com.
Re: Where are all the designs?
April 24, 2015 01:18PM
I make wooden gears, some as small as 1" in diameter on my CNC machine. I also have the capability to print precision gears on my 3D printer. I've printed some prety unique tansmission projects. So, if anyone needs help doing that for their project, contact me. Jim
I now have a website where you can see up close preview images of the designs I've developed so far, primarily to market on 100k garages . I haven't yet added an online store, so there are no downloads available as yet. The main reason I'm providing a link my website is that I would like the opportunity to custom design projects, and the website is a sort of my resume for that. The website (again, still under construction) is: [jingraham1.wix.com(forward-slash)promiseland-designs]. If you see something that sparks your interest, email me at jingraham1@excite.com. Tom
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