Install a BMW Roundel Emblem
May 29, 2016 03:22PM
Are ya'll talking about the main hood emblems? Come on--that is probably the easiest DIY project on the BMW. Changing windshield wipers takes longer than this fix. Small flat screwdriver, towel, pry old one out, pull out the old rubber "nuts" from behind the hoodliner (3 snaps) and then insert the new one. MAYBE 3 minutes of time total. Yesh, I just replaced my hood ornament on my 740 il and it took about 5 minutes. I used a credit card and flat screwdriver. Looks choice. You might notice the last post in this thread was in April of 2006. Don't post in old threads, look at the last post's date before you do. For the record, my tested safe method of emblem removal is the best and has yet to be mentioned here. A piece of plastic shipping strap can be fed under the emblem with a wiggle and then pull the ends of the strap with equal force on either side. The emblem comes right off with no paint or body damage I pryed mine off today with two small screwdrivers from wrapped in scotch tape and a credit card. It took a little effort but I didnt scratch the paint and the new Roundel looks great. I don't mind, I was just wondering abut this, and I saw it at the top of the forum. The original thread starter, may no longer need this, but it still helps a lot of people Everyone complains when the search button isn't used. When it is and an old thread comes up you tell him not to post. I give the guy props for taking the time to look it up before starting a new thread.

Edit: Nevermind. I just saw that the person who posted didn't add anything significant and just posted to an old ass thread. My bad. Prying the emblem with a screwdriver, no matter what precautions you take with a cloth, tape, or a credit card, is almost sure to scratch your finish. One wonders why someone would bother to post with that obvious (and wrong) method. If it were that easy, no one would be googling the problem. Wrapping the screwdriver with tape won't work because the emblem fits way too tightly to the hood. The screwdriver is already too thick to go under there, wrapping it with tape makes the problem even worse.

Getting the emblem off the hood is a tough problem and though I don't have a solution for you, I can tell you not to try to pry it out with a screwdriver. Some of the reasons that it's a tough problem are:
The emblem is countersunk, making it tough to get any tool in there. When working with a screwdriver you have to try and insert it at a steep angle to the surface, causing gouges.
The emblem seals watertight against the surface, that way no water gets under there and it doesn't mildew. That means there is no crack between the emblem and the surface into which you can insert a tool.
The bottom edge of the emblem does not admit a tool, it's designed to hug tightly to the surface and form a seal. So when working with any tool, screwdriver, credit card, dental floss, or nylon packing strap, it's tough to get under that emblem at all.
The emblem is stuck in there tightly, so even when you do get a tool under it, it's going to take a lot of force to start the emblem moving.
The emblem will flex when pried and just snap back into position, further frustrating any efforts.

The best method I've seen is to use a nylon packing strap that's a half inch or so wide. If you can work that under there and get it out the other side, you can use it as a strap to pull the emblem up. That would not gouge the finish. However, I can't see any way to get that packing strap even started. ken is it a bad thing that iv been feeding the inner troll lately?
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