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Project Name Units/Price Project Description Posted Delivery Status Distance
Golf Club Cleaning Brush 100
($1 per unit)
My project is meant to thoroughly clean a golf club including the grooves. the body of the brush is a plastic similar to PLA Read More... 01/29/23 04/14/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
1/2-20 2240 adapter 100
($2 per unit)
Hello, I need this part in 6016 aluminum with black anodize and laser engraved logo and wording Read More... 01/27/23 02/27/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Center Console Bin 5
($0 per unit)
PLA Carbon Fiber Read More... 01/27/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
mini panning machine (like the one used for chocolate) 1
($100 per unit)
Sample chocolate panning machine: Read More... 01/26/23 02/05/23 Closed 0mi
Rotostamp 2
($200 per unit)
round dough disc cutter Read More... 01/26/23 02/28/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Uni SA Model 100
($75 per unit)
3D Printed in PLA (copper color) at 0.15mm layer thickness. Dimensions: 197mm x 222mm x 83mm Read More... 01/24/23 05/03/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Uni SA Model 100
($75 per unit)
3D Printed in PLA (brass/copper colour) Layer height: 0.15mm Dimensions: 197mm x 222mm x 83mm Read More... 01/24/23 05/03/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Overflow Teeth 2
($0 per unit)
Black polycarbonate 1/4" 23.75" x 2" Open to reasonable pricing, Simple CNC cut. Read More... 01/24/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Alignment Cone 16
($150 per unit)
316 Stainless Steel, Plain finish. Cone portion is solid and beveled to be welded to cylinder. Read More... 01/23/23 Closed 0mi
Air Sampeling Valve 20
($10 per unit)
Air sampeling valve: To control the flow of fluid Read More... 01/21/23 10/02/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Dijkstra base 1
($50 per unit)
Base for a robotic arm, currently looking for price estimates. Read More... 01/19/23 02/20/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Shadow device case 100
($3 per unit)
this is a sleeve to contain a device. needs to be made of PLAl in light blue color . Read More... 01/18/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Mount Base 2
($40 per unit)
Telescope mount base ideally black matte acrylic/UV/weather resistant plastic or aluminium (any grade) Read More... 01/16/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
draw bench 1
($60 per unit)
3mm aluminum Read More... 01/15/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Punny Puns Stand 8
($100 per unit)
The box is made of 1/2" plywood, Needs to notch into the other pieces The Card holders are Abs, Blue and Red The letters ne Read More... 01/14/23 02/28/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
flywheel 1
($5 per unit)
simple circular flywheel with cutouts Read More... 01/14/23 12/31/69 Open for Bidding 0mi
Gear for RC car v2 1
($50 per unit)
strong metal (not aluminum) prefer titanium Read More... 01/09/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
CNC Routing Custom Arcade Cabinet 1
($300 per unit)
I have designs and Sketchup files for a arcade cabinet that I'd like to have created out of MDF, melamine-lined MDF or temper Read More... 01/09/23 01/19/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
spline 2
($125 per unit)
1018 steel welded as shown in step Read More... 01/07/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Saber plug 1
($30 per unit)
Lightsaber blade plug topper, Brass Read More... 12/29/22 Closed 0mi
Saber shroud 1
($45 per unit)
Lightsaber shroud, 7075 Read More... 12/29/22 Closed 0mi
Saber emitter 1
($45 per unit)
Lightsaber emitter, 6061 Read More... 12/29/22 Closed 0mi
Saberbuild hilt 1
($50 per unit)
Lightsaber Hilt, 6061 Read More... 12/29/22 Closed 0mi
Saber 1
($40 per unit)
Lightsaber build, 6061 Read More... 12/29/22 Closed 0mi
Alignment adjusters 12
($0 per unit)
For adjusting suspension geometry on a vehicle. Material would be 7075 aluminum with no coating. Read More... 12/28/22 03/01/23 Closed 0mi
Hex Turn Buckle 100
($7 per unit)
Buy 1018, 1/2" hex rod, machine to print, 60 pcs, burr and chip free. per our drawing 98090401 call 973-209-0260 if you h Read More... 12/27/22 01/30/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Swaybar Bushing 4
($0 per unit)
Swaybar bushing for a specific car application. Need it to be made out of aluminum. Read More... 12/24/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
JPP Bracket 1
($100 per unit)
This is a replacement bracket for a woodworking tool. The OEM part is no longer available. Drawing is subject to minor tweak Read More... 12/21/22 01/20/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Battery box bottom 1
($50 per unit)
Non-standard battery box for a vehicle. There are three more parts Read More... 12/17/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Fishing lure 140mm Resin 3d Print 1
($25 per unit)
Just a simple standard Resin 3D Print. I have much more to be printed just need to check quality first. The piece is not d Read More... 12/16/22 01/25/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Fleur De Lys 1
($450 per unit)
6061 Aluminum. Client will paint it so no additional finish needed. Overall size is approximately 30in by 26.5in. Open to any Read More... 12/13/22 12/28/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Simpit 1
($700 per unit)
CNC seven sheets of MDF or plastic from CAD drawings to make a simulator cockpit. I have CAD drawings. Read More... 12/13/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Wood caps 500
($1 per unit)
Simpel wood caps for mugs made from scrapes i was cutting them on cnc i can provide a file Read More... 12/12/22 01/08/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Prop jet engine 1
($100 per unit)
We have a school project and in the class we are willing to create a small turbo prop engine to put on our rc plane. Read More... 12/11/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Stamp fixture 2
($25 per unit)
stamp fixture in mild steel or nylon 6/6 Read More... 12/09/22 Closed 0mi
Scratch Go No Go Gauge 40
($4 per unit)
I would like this to be made out of a Translucent Red if possible. Read More... 12/09/22 12/31/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Mullet runner 1
($100 per unit)
3d printed mould, material can be any though mechanical resin Read More... 12/07/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Gate Controller Case 1
($0 per unit)
It consists of two pieces, the bottom and top of the case. I'm doing a test run. If I was successful (and you are successful) Read More... 12/06/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Stryker 100
($40 per unit)
Prototype vehicle that includes many small individual 4130 steel and 6061 aluminum parts in addition to many carbon fiber (co Read More... 12/05/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Air Filter inlet 1
($100 per unit)
To be 3d printed in ABS. Automotive application Read More... 12/03/22 12/22/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Scatdimont 10
($25 per unit)
This is a mounting box for wall mounting with cable entries. The material is galvanized metal, thickness is 2 mm, but you can Read More... 11/26/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
convert mesh in solid body IGES-STEP 1
($30 per unit)
convert mesh in solid body IGES-STEP Read More... 11/25/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Gift for Amazing Sister 1
($60 per unit)
Either some kind of metal or TPU all same color is fine, but prefer to have base a different color than the dog. What would Read More... 11/24/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
gear 1
($0 per unit)
its a gear Read More... 11/14/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Sound Print Project 5
($25 per unit)
Guitar body sub frame, I would like a range of material with prices, this is for initial costing Read More... 11/10/22 02/05/23 Open for Bidding 0mi
Molle panel 1
($1 per unit)
1/8 plate steel Read More... 11/09/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
ProjUG 100
($10 per unit)
For school project, essentially just trying to see cost of production of my parts (Price I inputted was just to complete this Read More... 11/09/22 11/30/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
ROV Claw 2023 1
($20 per unit)
A Claw for underwater use Read More... 11/08/22 Closed 0mi
CNC Routing small batch from a 4' x 8' Plywood 10
($20 per unit)
Looking for roughly 10 identical units (2 pieces per unit, 20 pieces total) cut from a 4'x 8' x 0.75" sheet of marine plywood Read More... 11/06/22 12/15/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Animal Face Hangers 25
($15 per unit)
I hope that you guys can make some merchandising items for me. My customer is a children’s boutique owner in need of specia Read More... 11/03/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Arbor Adapter 2
($80 per unit)
Motor threaded arbor adapter 7/8 to 5/8x18 threaded. material: metal/steel Read More... 11/01/22 11/15/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Clips 2
($6 per unit)
This is a clip designed to hold the sun visors of a Jeep Wrangler. Please quote for two different materials, aluminum or abs Read More... 11/01/22 11/15/22 Closed 0mi
Balustrade 160
($0 per unit)
PETG WHITE Read More... 10/30/22 Closed 0mi
MC1101S 50
($1 per unit)
CNC Milling of 0.5" MDF sheet Read More... 10/28/22 12/01/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
menorah project 4
($60 per unit)
This project is for a menorah or chanukkiah, menorahs hold 1-9 candles for the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah. There are 3 part: Read More... 10/27/22 12/16/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
G4 10
($0 per unit)
fixture for G4 lamp project, brass Read More... 10/27/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Bike Stand 1
($300 per unit)
Bike repair stand that holds bike seat between upper arms Also allows bike to be parked in space hollowed out of center tube Read More... 10/26/22 Closed 0mi
3x3 - 3D Printed in PLA 1
($50 per unit)
Prototype of a Shell Holder in 3-pieces which fit together via chamfered wedges and would be screwed together. Fabber need on Read More... 10/26/22 12/01/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
DEP-HFC Retrofit Plates 1
($350 per unit)
Retrofit Plates 1) DEP-0001, Air Inlet Plate, Delrin 2) DEP-0002, Air/Water-In/Out Plate, Delrin 3) DEP-0003, Coolant Blan Read More... 10/26/22 11/23/22 Closed 0mi
Ceiling panel 1
($150 per unit)
I need a panel cut from 1/4 - 1/2 PVC to be mounted on a ceiling. It will follow the outline of HVAC ducts and is in the shap Read More... 10/26/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Dome Light Bracket 2
($50 per unit)
Updated design to reduce cost. New file uploaded. Laser cut overall shape with large and small hole. drill side hole for t Read More... 10/25/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
DEP-0001 Air Inlet Plate 1
($350 per unit)
Retrofit Plate, Delrin, White, 134mm x 74mm x 19.05mm This first plate will be a prototype. Read More... 10/25/22 11/15/22 Closed 0mi
Window mount 5
($0 per unit)
Material:7075-T6 Aluminum Finish: Matte Black Read More... 10/24/22 12/31/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Window mount 5
($50 per unit)
Material: 7075-T6 Finish: Matte Black Read More... 10/24/22 12/31/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Disc 1
($180 per unit)
Only to print a third Read More... 10/24/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
KVM Case 1
($75 per unit)
The purpose of these parts are to form a case for a dual PC KVM Case that can withstand warm temperatures from within the cas Read More... 10/17/22 12/01/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Mass With Rollers 2
($80 per unit)
Made with brass. I need 2 bodies and 4 pins made. Read More... 10/15/22 11/01/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Pulley3 1
($8 per unit)
Prototype of a speed reduction pulley for a sewing machine. Read More... 10/15/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Dan Flange 1
($20 per unit)
Aluminum 6061-T6 Read More... 10/11/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
rez 100
($10 per unit)
battery box ......measurements must be exact presin material or resin 3d print....mold .....etc synthetic plastics Read More... 10/08/22 11/01/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
12 - Counter 1
($100 per unit)
Counting Wheel - Black, White or Gray Read More... 10/07/22 10/14/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Pill Box Holder 1
($40 per unit)
Any material you find appropriate is fine by me. I was thinking clear acrylic but I am not married to it. Read More... 10/05/22 10/01/22 Closed 0mi
NPT Adapter 3
($40 per unit)
This will be a prototype. Material selection isn't critical as long as it's fairly rigid, so PLA, ABS, Nylon all would be fin Read More... 10/05/22 10/11/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
Test 1
($30 per unit)
Preferably a forest green Read More... 10/05/22 10/15/22 Closed 0mi
Nozzle 0
($100 per unit)
Nozzle in ABS Read More... 10/03/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
bushing 10
($20 per unit)
this part it to be made out of oil-impregnated bronze. material certs preferred but not required. id .376" bore is -0 Read More... 10/02/22 10/20/22 Open for Bidding 0mi
3D Print Spa Parts 3
($15 per unit)
I am looking to have three plastic parts printed. 2 of the 6inch circle and 1 of the rectangle. They material will be ABS, co Read More... 10/01/22 Closed 0mi
($50 per unit)
Connector for legs on a custome LG TV Stand Read More... 10/01/22 10/15/22 Open for Bidding 0mi