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Project Name Units/Price Project Description Posted Delivery Status Distance
Cat Trapeze 4
($5 per unit)
Purpose: funnel and hose outlet adapters with barbed hose interface. Parts are will be used for solid material transport. Read More... 03/31/20 04/15/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
2POS Block 2
($10 per unit)
I need this part to work as modification for a temperature sensitive system. I am looking to have this part made from 6061 Al Read More... 03/31/20 05/10/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Boite 42
($7 per unit)
simple box Read More... 03/29/20 10/30/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Diamond holder 150
($0 per unit)
I need the shape in the .dxf file cut out of 18 gauge steel. I do not know how to alter the measurement of the file but I nee Read More... 03/23/20 Closed 0mi
Hook 1000
($5 per unit)
Black, aluminum or similar alloy. Read More... 03/23/20 08/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Charles Schoggens 1
($15 per unit)
hard drive cradle, color black Read More... 03/22/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Key posts 20
($10 per unit)
Brass threaded standoffs. 5.5mm diameter, 7.2mm length, 2-56 thru thread. Read More... 03/21/20 04/01/20 Closed 0mi
Sample Holding Box. 1
($100 per unit)
Box could be MDF, Wood, Aluminum, Etc. It's being used to hold MDF sample boards. Read More... 03/20/20 06/01/84 Open for Bidding 0mi
Backhoe bucket pins 1
($140 per unit)
I need a metal bucket pin made for my backhoe bucket. Material must be 4140 steel induction hardened. I have a second pin I Read More... 03/19/20 04/19/20 Closed 0mi
dust extraction hose adapter 1
($9,999,999 per unit)
Use: dust extraction in a workshop, converting hose sizes. Strong, not too brittle (survive drop onto concrete floor from 1m. Read More... 03/18/20 04/30/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Small plastic rack for lids 1
($25 per unit)
This is a rack to hold 3 lids. It could be made of plastic (preferably white) via 3D printing (preferably with acetone vapor Read More... 03/16/20 Closed 0mi
Intake Plate 3
($30 per unit)
Made of aluminum. Thickness could vary slightly if stock is handy. Has 4 through holes tapped with metric M5x0.8 threads. Read More... 03/16/20 03/26/20 Closed 0mi
hopper 3
($5 per unit)
prototype part-any durable plastic ok Looking for smooth finish Read More... 03/13/20 03/20/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Panel Template 1
($8 per unit)
template for panel to fit in a cut out Read More... 03/13/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
STL files | Sliced | 3D Designs 5
($50 per unit)
Dimensions 16x9x2" STL files on hand Carved into mdf or HDU preferred Read More... 03/13/20 05/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Hardline Conduit 2
($120 per unit)
I'm looking to get this piece machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum. It has three threaded holes, which are noted in a design draw Read More... 03/09/20 05/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Model 1 1000
($1 per unit)
The purposed of this item is to be a large cup holder. I would like it to be made out of plastic in a matte black finish. Read More... 03/08/20 04/15/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
turbine compressor 1
($300 per unit)
gas turbine compressor Read More... 03/08/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Bezel 2
($50 per unit)
this will be a bezel for some speakers that I'm building. I'm open on material selection. Aluminum that can be polished and a Read More... 03/07/20 Closed 0mi
Flame Thrower Prop 2
($15 per unit)
I'm making this flamethrower prop as a part of a cosplay for London Comic-Con 2020. Most of the measurements are a bit dodgy, Read More... 03/07/20 04/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Small Compressor Cam 1
($50 per unit)
Small compressor cam per attached step file. Material is 1020 steel or milder. CAM surface must be very smooth. Read More... 03/07/20 Closed 0mi
Large Compressor Cam 2
($50 per unit)
Large Cam per step file provided. Material is 1020 steel or milder. Surface finish of cam face to be very smooth. Read More... 03/07/20 04/01/20 Closed 0mi
fuel fitting 1
($50 per unit)
double ended thread. radius side 7/8-14. bevel side 3/4-16. Made of 304 stainless steel Read More... 03/06/20 04/14/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
hook release 6
($250 per unit)
hook release Read More... 03/06/20 03/13/20 Closed 0mi
Lead feed mechanism 3
($0 per unit)
I need this lead feed mechanism made, you can see what I need from the picture Read More... 03/05/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
rad close out 1
($20 per unit)
not sure what it would cost so i just put in 20 dollars... would like it in 18 gauge aluminum or cold rolled steel Read More... 03/03/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
bracket 1
($25 per unit)
this is a bracket to connect a hotend to my 3d printer Read More... 03/03/20 04/01/20 Closed 0mi
EM Bayonet Connector 2
($100 per unit)
This part is designed to connect two booms end to end. The part should be constructed from a high density polymer such as HD Read More... 02/28/20 03/20/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
testpart 1
($45 per unit)
Material has to be Oil resistant !!! similar to IGLIDUR from IGUS Read More... 02/27/20 03/15/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
plastic bump cap 50
($5 per unit)
These are plastic bump caps and there may be many more to come! I also have an stl file that it won't allow me to upload. Read More... 02/26/20 04/21/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
plastic bump cap 50
($3 per unit)
This will be made out of plastic, color doesn't really matter and the specs are apx. 7 inches x 6 inches and 3. 5 inches high Read More... 02/25/20 12/31/69 Open for Bidding 0mi
plastic bump cap 50
($3 per unit)
I am making plastic bump caps to specific specifications and a unique design. I want to start at 50 but there is a very stron Read More... 02/25/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Bump cap inserts 50
($0 per unit)
I am looking for plastic bump caps with a special design that is basically 7 inches long, 6 inches high and 3.5 inches high. Read More... 02/24/20 03/02/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
VW Washer 1
($500 per unit)
I have a step file of the below washer. I would like a model 3D printed to be about 18" tall which is about 1/8 scale. The Read More... 02/24/20 03/16/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Wall Scratcher 20
($25 per unit)
baltic birch ply wood wall scratcher. 3/4 with 1/8 backer. need fabber to cnc the wood parts, router edges, drill counter Read More... 02/24/20 01/04/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
oil filter adapter 2
($75 per unit)
This is an oil filter threaded adapter to mate a smaller oil filter to a coyote crate engine. This is basically an m22x1.5 bo Read More... 02/22/20 Closed 0mi
compass 1
($15 per unit)
More details when nda is signed. Price for manuafcturing can be negotiated, this is just a jpg I can provide you with a st Read More... 02/22/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Lightsaber 1
($2 per unit)
its a lightsaber i modelled Read More... 02/22/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Duty Mount 2200
($5 per unit)
I am looking to injection mold a duty mount for a handgun. It would need to be made in a plastic that is both strong, and imp Read More... 02/21/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Siemens SC-44 1.5" Model Axle 4
($15 per unit)
Main Thickness is 1.125 1018 cold rolled steel bar stock milled down to .5 inches at each end Read More... 02/20/20 03/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Custom Barn Doors 2
($750 per unit)
I am looking for 2 custom barn doors that have a logo and pattern carved into them. I am assuming a CNC machine is the best w Read More... 02/19/20 07/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
stackable light 1
($10 per unit)
just need and accurate model Read More... 02/18/20 04/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Clean 1
($1 per unit)
this is a prototype, after successful testing bigger quantities required; Material e.g. ABS Read More... 02/18/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Dice Box 50
($5 per unit)
It’s a simple dice box 3.5”x3.5”x1.5” with a design on top need 30-100 then will place continuous orders. Any kind of Read More... 02/17/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Shock Mount 4
($75 per unit)
Upper shock mount for a car. To be milled from 6061 aluminum. Read More... 02/16/20 03/06/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
L Bracket 200
($2 per unit)
L bracket with 2 holes. One hole tapped #6-32. Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Mild. Read More... 02/15/20 03/15/20 Closed 0mi
Clock part 50
($0 per unit)
Small clock lever return spring. Made out of .008" phosphor bronze. Overall dimensions are .178" X .718" with two .053" holes Read More... 02/15/20 06/14/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Aluminum extrusion cutting 170
($100 per unit)
Hi, Looking for router cnc shop to cut/mill 1"x.5"x.125" wall rectangular extrusions. All cad done in house. Max length 20" Read More... 02/13/20 02/29/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Thumb Screw 100
($5 per unit)
Aluminum disk that is knurled on the exterior. The disk is 38mm in diameter with 2 threaded holes 1 for a 9/16"x12 screw and Read More... 02/12/20 Closed 0mi
($50 per unit)
Must use delrin. Read More... 02/12/20 03/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
looking for 3d modelers 1000000
($50 per unit)
i am looking for someone who can 3d design police badges. i make a lot of them but i am to busy to keep up with design and cu Read More... 02/12/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Double Binding Post 25000
($0 per unit)
304 or 18-8 stainless, volume could end up being 50K plus per year. Read More... 02/10/20 05/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
massage bar 1000
($0 per unit)
upright massage, black , have a prototype of apparatus. need help finding lighter material and redesign of one piece on the a Read More... 02/10/20 04/21/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Help a local shopbot user 1
($250 per unit)
We currently have a waterjet and just bought a shopbot cnc router. After using our waterjet running dxf files for the last 10 Read More... 02/07/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Aluminum Mold for Mobile Phone Clip 1
($750 per unit)
The project is to design and develop an aluminum mold to manufacture a plastic (nylon-6) clip via an injection molding proces Read More... 02/07/20 02/29/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Basic Stand 1
($4 per unit)
Hello, This is s a simple CAD file that needs to be milled for me. Please check that the two holes in the back of the design Read More... 02/07/20 02/17/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Name Sign 1
($7 per unit)
Hello, I would like to produce a wooden sign, with a name milled onto the wood. In addition to this, I would like to have th Read More... 02/07/20 02/17/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
exhaust port part A 1
($60 per unit)
3D print, black. Fast, low resolution (0.5mm) print is OK. Read More... 02/06/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Hilt piece 2
($10 per unit)
Portion of a hilt for a custom lightsaber. Read More... 02/06/20 03/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
IDPv1 10
($5 per unit)
machined Aluminum 6061 Read More... 02/06/20 02/28/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
plane necklace 1
($100 per unit)
please cnc mill or cast plane item made for jewelry necklace needs to be high polished scale proper dimensions with lon Read More... 02/06/20 02/10/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
RHS Al Auto Trim 25
($60 per unit)
This is a reproduction of an auto trim part. the material is 6061-T6 AL and needs to be highly polished its thin .062 Al so Read More... 02/05/20 03/15/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
1.5" Square Brass Plugs 200
($4 per unit)
Ongoing project, using about 1,200 parts a year. 3 variations of the same part made from 1.5"x1.5"x.375" square brass bar. Read More... 02/02/20 02/28/20 Closed 0mi
Suzadapt 1
($40 per unit)
Motorcycle intake manifolds. Bolts to cylinder head to allow mounting of throttle bodies. 6061 aluminum. Read More... 02/01/20 02/29/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Cutting of plywood with a CNC or Laser cutting 10
($12 per unit)
Wood Cat house. This house must be made of 8 mm plywood. Produce by laser cutting or CNC milling. Read More... 01/30/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Getting started 20
($10 per unit)
Getting started Read More... 01/29/20 12/31/69 Open for Bidding 0mi
Tetraedro 3
($20 per unit)
Hello, I would need to make a simple solid in translucent material, so that the result is similar to that of the objects v Read More... 01/28/20 01/03/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Tray 1
($250 per unit)
Prototype baking pan. 304 stainless or Aluminum 7"X5"X1" Read More... 01/27/20 02/15/20 Closed 0mi
OctagonToRound300mm20g 1
($10 per unit)
This is just a prototype and can be produced in any rigid material e.g. ABS. Ideally a dark colour Approx 340mm total lengt Read More... 01/27/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Make ButtOn 5
($80 per unit)
I'm looking for a 4x8 CNC owner to make a series of 3-5 ButtOn chairs. just do a quick google search. I've purchased the fi Read More... 01/26/20 02/14/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
metatronic tetrahedron 1
($30 per unit)
This is an art piece. I'm making this out of wood, but I wanted to see what a 3d printed one looked like. Read More... 01/23/20 02/15/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
santoku 1
($60 per unit)
this is a kitchen knife the tolerances aren't super important I will hand finish it Read More... 01/23/20 02/14/99 Open for Bidding 0mi
Custom Putter 1
($300 per unit)
I am looking at making this custom putter for myself. Others have expressed interest but i will start with one for now. 303 s Read More... 01/22/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Subwoofer Boxes (3 sheets MDF CNC, no assembly) 2
($75 per unit)
I designed a subwoofer box in Fusion360 (attached) to be made from 3/4" MDF. I only need the cutting done. I will do assembl Read More... 01/21/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
earphones with mic 3
($10 per unit)
Read More... 12/22/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
feeding screw 1
($10 per unit)
timing screw Read More... 12/21/19 12/30/19 Closed 0mi
Liquid rocket engente 1
($60 per unit)
A rocket combustion chamber and nozzle Read More... 12/20/19 02/01/20 Closed 0mi
1.75 resi clamp 4
($70 per unit)
This is a camps that will clamp 1 2.5" reservoir onto a 1.75" tube Read More... 12/17/19 01/15/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
6_Inch_T_Square 1
($10 per unit)
A 6 inch t-shaped reference square with two slots cut in the center. Accuracy to +- .005 Read More... 12/15/19 01/31/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
Tig torch holder prototype bottom plate 1
($40 per unit)
thickness dosent matter around 3mm is best but 4 or 5 or 6 will work im making a holder for a tig torch part of this will slo Read More... 12/14/19 Closed 0mi
College games quarter board 1
($10 per unit)
I need a 16 in by 10 in by 3/4 in piece of hard wood cnc machined with our logo in it.the wood must be hard enough to bounce Read More... 12/11/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
framing design idea 0
($5 per unit)
I am looking for someone to offer a new, unique, innovative idea to design an inexpensive way to frame diamond paintings. Som Read More... 12/11/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
College games bowl of death 50
($5 per unit)
Injection molded with hdpe food safe red plastic. I have an .stl file I can send to help with quote Read More... 12/09/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
Large Piston Cam 2
($75 per unit)
This is a cam to drive a piston for an air compressor. Please quote for mild or med steel or aluminum. Leading edge of cam s Read More... 12/08/19 Closed 0mi
Turbanna Reducer 1
($100 per unit)
I need a reducer made that is 14.1" ID to 2.0625" OD with a 30 degree pitch and made of 11 gauge or so copper. Thanks Read More... 12/06/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
adapter 100
($0 per unit)
316 stainless. I would like it to be printed in a DMLS system and tumbled to remove all the small textures from the process. Read More... 12/04/19 02/01/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
Encoder Adapter Flange 4
($180 per unit)
Flange to adapt new optical encoder to older piece of machinery. Preferred alloy is Aluminum 6061, no finish needed. Read More... 12/04/19 12/20/19 Closed 0mi
Pinball Machine Cabinet 1
($200 per unit)
Seeking CNC routing services for a custom pinball machine cabinet. The entire piece is approximately the same size as a stan Read More... 12/03/19 12/31/19 Closed 0mi
rc warship hobby 4
($0 per unit)
The designs are for a rc warship cannon system I cant seem to get the file to upload. contact me if interested. Ideal price Read More... 12/02/19 Open for Bidding 0mi
Motorcycle Chassis 2
($1,000 per unit)
Its a motorcycle chassis intended to be used for off road motorcycling.Frame construction should be with Cr-Moly steel (AISI Read More... 12/02/19 01/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
die mold SLA print 1
($400 per unit)
Need 3-piece die mold SLA 3d printed with high resolution. Units are inches. Please do not hesitate to contact with questions Read More... 12/01/19 01/01/20 Open for Bidding 0mi
phloats 1
($50 per unit)
2 piece aluminum (6061) mold Read More... 12/01/19 12/31/69 Closed 0mi